The 3 Reasons Why Learning Self Defense:
Is A Necessity for Everyone and Not An Option

Reason #1 Why Learning Self Defense is A Necessity - "It is better to have it and not need it than need and not have it." This should also be the practical philosophical perspective to yourself protection as well.

Reason #2 - No One Is Coming To Your Rescue - This is the attitude and pretty much the reality when it comes to your having to defend yourself out in the streets. Good Samaritans, especially fighting good Samaritans, come along rarely and far between. And if you expect the police to magically appear to your aide at just the right moment like the cavalry blowing a bugle as they ride down a sandy hill - you watch WAY too much television! The police usually arrive after-the-fact of the a fight to then pride themselves in making a stellar police report.

Reason #3 - Your Family And Loved-Ones Depend On You for Protection - Can you depend on yourself to protect those who depend on you? I don't care if your primary remedy for street self-protection is to only carry a key chain pepper spray cylinder - at least you have prepared yourself and have allotted for some recourse of personal safety. And now I'd like to invite you to claim your Free self defense DVD and get your 15 brutal fight enders now!!!

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